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Spokane Coeur d'Alene Law Firm, Real Estate law, Business and Corporate law, Banking law, Tax law, Litigation, Labor and Employment. 


Practice Areas

For over a century, Witherspoon Kelley has been serving clients with legal expertise from intellectual property to health care, employee compensation plans to specialized securities transactions, and more. Witherspoon Kelley has attorneys in a broad range of practice areas that provide our clients with practical problem-solving and innovative, cost-effective solutions.  Our attorneys endeavor to be our clients trusted business partners and strive to protect and improve their clients’ businesses.

Witherspoon Kelley’s attorneys are the leaders in their field and have deep connections to the community.  Whether it be the original founders of the firm played a significant role in the drafting of the Constitution for the State of Washington or the assistance in the founding of a large community bank, the firm has played a role in the most significant events in the Inland Northwest.  The firm’s cross-disciplinary approach to the practice of law ensures that clients receive the most effective representation.  Understanding our clients’ business and legal needs from the ground-up allows our attorneys to provide quality and effective representation when it matters most to achieve the best possible results.