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Media Law

Witherspoon Kelley attorneys in the Media Law Group have extensive experience in a wide variety of media-related issues stemming from the day-to-day business in which media companies are involved. Witherspoon Kelley lawyers are members of state and local organizations where media rights and public access to administrative meetings and public records are key issues. Lawyers in the practice group are frequent presenters at area colleges and universities, continuing legal education seminars, media trade events, and training sessions for government and media employees on issues related to open government and access, developments in defamation law, media response to subpoenas, and developments in Internet law.

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Access to court proceedings
  • Acquisition of media-related companies
  • Advertising issues
  • Anti-trust issues
  • Defamation defense
  • Freedom of Information Act appeals
  • Internet and website issues
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Labor and employment matters
  • Media response to administrative and judicial subpoenas
  • Pre-publication review
  • Public records requests and litigation
  • Reporter privilege
  • Trademarks and copyright litigation

Representative Cases:

  • Access to criminal preliminary hearings in the State of Idaho [Cowles Publishing Co. v. Magistrate Court, 118 Idaho 753, 800 P.2d 640 (1990)]
  • Access to juvenile declination proceedings [State v. Loukaitis, 918 P.2d 535, 82 Wash. App. 460 ( 1996)]
  • Access to police and other public records in both the States of Idaho and Washington [e.g. Cowles v. Spokane Police Department, 139 Wn.2d 472, 478, 987 P.2d 620 (1999)]
  • Access to school accident reports [Soter v. Cowles Publishing Co., 162 Wn.2d 716, 174 P. 3d 60 (2007)]
  • Access to teacher records [Brouillet v. Cowles Publishing Co., 114 Wn.2d 788, 796, 791 P.2d 526 (1990)]
  • Defamation – definition of actual malice [Margoles v. Hubbart, 111 Wn.2d 195, 760 P.2d 324 (1988)]
  • Elements of opinion defense in a defamation case [Benjamin v. Cowles Publishing Co., 37 Wn. App. 916, 922-23, 684 P.2d 739, review denied, 102 Wn.2d 1018 (1984)]
  • Opposition to sanctions against broadcast media in the key prior restraint case in the State of Washington [State v. Coe, 101 Wn.2d 364, 679 P.2d 353 (1984)]
  • The parameters of what constitutes a limited purpose public figure [Steele v. Spokesman Review, 138 Idaho 249, 251, 61 p.3d 606, 608 (2002)]