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Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

Witherspoon Kelley lawyers have expertise in all facets of employee benefits, ERISA, and executive compensation law. This highly-specialized area of law has grown significantly in recent years because of congressional, regulatory, and shareholder concerns and oversight. Witherspoon Kelley assists clients on a daily basis in complying with the Internal Revenue Code, ERISA, COBRA, EESA/ARRA, and other state and federal laws that regulate employee benefits and executive compensation.

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Deferred compensation plans, including 409A compliance and corrections

  • Employment agreements

  • Equity compensation programs

  • ERISA-compliant plans and corrections under EPCRS and VFCP

  • Executive compensation programs

  • Golden parachute agreements

  • Retirement plans, qualified and nonqualified

  • Self-funded health and welfare benefit plans

  • Severance plans and agreements

  • Short and long term incentive plans

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) and the division of state and local governmental retirement plan benefits incidental to divorce

Representative Cases:

  • Modifying and implementing deferred compensation arrangements to comply with Internal Revenue Code Section 409A for a multitude of clients, large and small

  • Amending, terminating and transitioning employee benefit programs in conjunction with the sale of a local healthcare provider

  • Executive compensation compliance and reporting for our public company clients, in cooperation with our Corporate and Securities practitioners

  • Counseling a wide variety of clients regarding equity compensation, from designing and implementing stock option or equity incentive plans to individual option or stock grant and exercise issues

  • In collaboration with lawyers in our employment group, negotiating and drafting executive employment, severance, and retirement agreements involving complex tax and benefit issues