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422 W Riverside Ave, Suite 1100
Spokane, WA 99201

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Spokane Coeur d'Alene Law Firm, Real Estate law, Business and Corporate law, Banking law, Tax law, Litigation, Labor and Employment. 


It takes the whole team working toward the same goal to achieve success for our clients. At Witherspoon Kelley, we seek team players who are driven and results-oriented. Every day, our attorneys and staff bring their expertise together to achieve the best outcomes for clients. Whether you are a partner or a first year attorney, a paralegal or legal assistant, at Witherspoon Kelley you can expect a culture where you are supported in the work you do.

Success is earned. Over the past 134 years, Witherspoon Kelley has focused on attracting and retaining the best talent. With practice specialists across a wide range of areas, we have formed a “best of the best” team of attorneys who are client-focused and leaders in their fields. Witherspoon Kelley looks for team-oriented individuals dedicated to the legal profession who will complement the firm as a whole. We seek associates who demonstrate a passion for professional growth and development, are eager to help clients, and are progressive in the ways they approach issues.

An ambitious team is crucial to the success of Witherspoon Kelley. Our firm looks for motivated employees who will be focused on the success of our clients. Witherspoon Kelley is dedicated to the training of our lawyers, summer associates and staff, and continually looks to improve the overall education and personal experience of each employee. We are committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity and to providing a working environment in which our employees will grow personally and professionally.