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Spokane, WA 99201

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Spokane Coeur d'Alene Law Firm, Real Estate law, Business and Corporate law, Banking law, Tax law, Litigation, Labor and Employment. 

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About Us

Tracing our roots to 1884, the firm that would eventually be known as Witherspoon Kelley has been providing the highest quality strategic guidance, business support, and courtroom advocacy to clients ranging from the largest corporations in our region to local small businesses and individuals for over a century.  While we have a long history and deep roots in the Inland Northwest, our lawyers are forward-thinking and fully focused on the current and future needs of our clients.

When Witherspoon Kelley was founded, lumber, mining, and agriculture were the region’s primary economic activities.  As the region quickly grew into a major center of industry and commerce, our firm grew with the community.  We continue to represent clients in those traditional Northwest industries, as well as clients in emerging Northwest industries (aerospace, silicon, composites, and technology), and clients in sectors that are more commonly associated with larger American markets (banking, finance, nuclear power, government contracting, and healthcare).

Our clients are as geographically diverse as the industries they serve.  The explosion of information and the ease of modern travel have enabled our firm to grow from the preeminent regional firm into a major player in the Pacific Northwest legal market.  We boast a breadth and depth of talent, expertise, and passion that is unrivaled – even among our largest Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco competitors.  With our headquarters in Spokane, we are uniquely able to offer first-rate legal services at values that are impossible for our competitors to match.

Our lawyers are leaders in the community, serving on the Boards of a wide variety of civic, charitable, philanthropic, and professional organization in the region.  Having been a fixture within the community for more than a century, we have close ties and relationships throughout the community that provide our clients with decisive advantages in all facets of our representations.

Having grown up with the region, our firm has an unmatched historic perspective. We are able to provide the wisdom and guidance that only a century of excellence and experience can provide.